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 投稿者:Np  投稿日:2017年 9月12日(火)00時36分25秒
  John Badaluさんの Face Book(9/11)に出ていました。

Indonesian's Presence at ??????? Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)

◆Short Film:
Madonna by Sinung Winahyoko

◆Documentary Competition:
Tarling is Darling by Ismail Fahmi Lubish

◆Window Of Asian Cinema:
Marlina, The Murderer in Four Acts by Mouly Surya

The Seen and The Unseen by Kamila Andini

The Carousel Never Stops Turning by Ismail Basbeth

◆Asian Project Market:
Humba Dreams by Riri Riza

釜山国際映画祭 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)

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